Volunteer info

How much does it cost?

We don’t believe in “voluntourism”. We don’t advertise our projects on any site which charges a fee and, while we hope our volunteers enjoy their stay, we don’t want our work to be seen as a holiday. Our volunteers work hard and complete important work independently. We don’t believe they should have to pay. Supporting Guasa charges no fees to volunteers but volunteers must be able to cover their fees from their home country to the Dominican Republic. In return for our volunteers’ hard work we ensure all accommodation and food cost are covered. However, please note that we do require a deposit – see below.

What skills do I need

The skills we require vary from project to project and each role has its own skills description which you can read more about under each of the different roles. However, something we like all our volunteers to have in common is independence, confidence, a decent level of Spanish, resourcefulness and resilience. 

Do I need to be able to speak Spanish?

Yes. While, we have on occasions accepted volunteers with more limited Spanish, we require all our volunteers have at least an intermediate level of Spanish. This is to make sure you can fully engage with the community, socialise and carry out the projects to the best of your ability. To get an idea of what we mean by ‘intermediate’, check out the Common European Framework  of Reference for languages. We’d expect you to be at least B1/B2 in the spoken language 

What is required of me?

We ask that volunteers:

  • pay for their own travel to and from the Dominican Republic
  • pay for their own leisure expenses
  • comply with the responsibilities detailed in the role descriptions
  • pay a deposit of 65 euros (about $100) which will be paid back upon arrival in the Dominican Republic. We ask for a deposit to ensure we only get volunteers who are fully committed to volunteering with us.
  • find new members to join Supporting Guasa

What do I get in return?

Our volunteers will have:

  • Free accommodation and food in a Dominican host family while you are working
  • Volunteer support
  • Airport pick-up
  • An unforgettable experience, new friends and, hopefully a better understanding of the wonderful DR.
  • Professional development: the work is challenging but it is comprehensive and you will have a chance to use and improve your skills in project and stakeholder management, the Spanish language, teaching, lesson planning and resourcing amongst many others. 

What support will I get in the Dominican Republic?

Supporting Guasa is based in multiple countries and time zones and there is almost always someone who will be able to respond to you via instant messaging, email or phone. However, due to requests from former volunteers in addition to the host family and existing contacts, we now also ensure there is a designated volunteer support officer in Guasa to help volunteers.