School year English project

During your time in Guasa, you will work within the local school system teaching English. Depending on your schedule, you may travel to several rural communities and/or run evening classes for adults and young people at your discretion. To find out more information on these projects please see our projects page.

Aim of role:

To work within the local school environment to teach and administer effective English classes with the aim of improving English language teaching, learning and awareness in Ramón Santana as well as providing continuity with the organisation’s summer programs.

A key part of your planning will be the incorporation of literacy and numeracy skills into lessons.

Volunteer requirements:

  • pay for their own travel to and from the Dominican Republic
  • pay for their own leisure expenses
  • comply with the responsibilities detailed in the role descriptions
  • find 5 new members to join Supporting Guasa
  • pay a deposit of $150 (USD) which will be paid back upon arrival in the Dominican Republic and once the 5 new members have joined. We ask for a deposit to ensure we only get volunteers who are fully committed to volunteering with us.


  • Prepare and teach lessons as required and needed by the local school system with a special focus on creating opportunities for the inclusion of literacy and numeracy.
  • Work and meet regularly with local organisations and teachers to help them meet their needs and advise Supporting Guasa
  • Assess and respond to potential need for an after-school English program
  • Document your experience via a blog, photos and/or videos
  • Document session plans and content for the benefit of future volunteers according to the organisation’s guidelines
  • Be a positive ambassador for Supporting Guasa and the local organisations and communities
  • Keep in touch with Supporting Guasa
  • Assess students and evaluate projects according to the organisation’s guidelines

Required skills

  • Ability to communicate fluently in Spanish.
  • Native (or near native) English speaker with excellent knowledge of and familiarity with English grammatical concepts.
  • Experience teaching, mentoring, or coaching children and teenagers. TESOL/TEFL certification and/or previous experience teaching English strongly preferred
  • Interest in and commitment to promoting the value of education
  • Organisation and an ability to plan beyond the short term
  • Computer skills for blogging and collaborative session planning.
  • Flexibility, creativity motivation and resilience. You should be an independent person with an interest in a challenging role

If you have any additional skills that could be of use to the local schools, we would love to hear about them! Don’t be shy to tell us what else you’re good at!