Girl’s project (summer)

During your time in Guasa, you will travel to the rural bateys and communities to lead project sessions aimed at promoting gender equality and female empowerment. To find out more information on these projects please see our projects page.

Aim of role:

You will work with groups of young women in the local communities to facilitate and foster a “safe” environment for discussion about issues which affect women and girls in the Dominican Republic.

You will carry out your role from an objective position with understanding of the local context and culture.


Volunteer requirements:

  • pay for their own travel to and from the Dominican Republic
  • pay for their own leisure expenses
  • comply with the responsibilities detailed in the role descriptions
  • find 5 new members to join Supporting Guasa
  • pay a deposit of $150 (USD) which will be paid back upon arrival in the Dominican Republic and once the 5 new members have joined. We ask for a deposit to ensure we only get volunteers who are fully committed to volunteering with us.


  • Advertise and publicise the project
  • Prepare and lead sessions with fellow volunteers according to requirements
  • Work and meet regularly with local organisations to help tailor the project to local needs
  • Listen to the participants to work towards fostering an environment of trust
  • Register and document names and ages of participants via class lists
  • Facilitate discussion neutrally with no personal agenda
  • Document your work via a blog, photos and/or videos
  • Be a positive ambassador for Supporting Guasa, the local organisations and community
  • Keep in touch with the home organisation
  • Evaluate projects according to the organisation’s guidelines
  • Evaluate opportunities to transfer ownership to the local population

Required skills

  • Ability to communicate at an advanced level (about C1 on the European Language Framework) in Spanish
  • Cultural sensitivity and impartiality
  • Good social skills and ability to communicate with young girls
  • Stakeholder management
  • Interest in and commitment to promoting the value of education
  • Interest in, knowledge of and support of gender equality issues whether academic or personal
  • Computer skills for blogging and collaborative session planning.
  • Flexibility, creativity motivation and resilience. You should be an independent person with an interest in a challenging role