The Girl’s Project

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This project was piloted in summer 2012.

Gender relations are complex in the Dominican Republic and gender has a strong impact on a young woman’s opportunities. For example, pregnancy at a young age often prevents girls from finishing their secondary education and women are often still expected to single-handedly take care of all childcare and household duties as well as work. If you want to read more about how machismo affects women and girls in the Dominican Republic, read our blog on gender equality in the Dominican Republic.

The girls project aims to raise awareness of these issues and offer the tools and language for young women to begin to tackle these issues. The project takes the form of a discussion and information forum for young girls where taboo subjects can be addressed, confidence built and issues that affect young women can be debated in an environment of trust. The project focuses on capacity building and raising self esteem for the young girls within a culturally sensitive arena. The aims of the project are to empower the young girls to take more ownership over their bodies, encourage ambition, boost their self confidence and treat themselves and others with respect. The project is repeated on a yearly basis.

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