Here you can read our blog, as written by our volunteers, about their work, experiences and life in the Dominican Republic. As well as reading about Guasa and the bateyes, you can read some more topical posts on aspects of Dominican life.

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Story of the week: Banana production

In December, it was made public that banana crop growth in the Dominican Republic might be in danger from the fungus Black Sigatoka. Angel Estevez, the Agriculture minister, assured that the fungus does not pose a threat to the banana crop production in the Dominican Republic at this time, as...
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Fiesta Patronales

One of the biggest celebrations of the year just started in Guasa. In general the tradition go back to Catholic beliefs and religion. The celebrations are called patronales because of the patron saint of the town, a Catholic saint called Inmaculada Concepcion. She was chosen by the Catholic community or church....
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Final Exams & Bailey

I just finished my second last week of classes at my schools. I ended up splitting their final exam into two different parts so that it wouldn’t be so much material to study for all at once . I gave the first exam and most of the students thought it went pretty...
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Culture- the never ending lesson

This is my second time here in the Dominican Republic, so obviously there is still a lot to learn, especially when it comes to culture. Which is hard because culture changes throughout time, depending on the place, socio-economic status and much more. But it also makes it interesting because there...
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El regreso

I find myself back in Guasa. Back to bucket showers, chickens waking me up, dogs in the street, my AMAZING host Mom Reyes, sweet little kids playing ball outside, people yelling Hola Profe! And I love it all! Not that much time has passed and somehow the kids seem to...
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