About Us

Here you can find out about our mission statement, who we are, who our partners are and how you can get in touch.

Who are we?

Supporting Guasa is a charity registered in Sweden which works on projects in the Dominican Republic. Our primary goal is to promote development in the village of Ramón Santana. The different projects we implement in the village will depend on the donations made and resources available. Please see our projects page to see information on this year’s projects.  Supporting Guasa is a non-profit organisation and all funds and donations  go directly to making the projects work. We believe that no project can work without the help of the community and so we ensure our projects are managed with the help of locals. Our projects are planned and carried out with local partners such as the consejo, a community group. We aim to create projects that are sustainable, transparent and value for money. We are a small organisation with realistic concrete aims and we believe the money donated by our supporters should go as far as possible. We do not pay any wages, all work by our members, whatever their role, is based on voluntary contributions in Sweden, England, the United States and the Dominican Republic.

All funds go directly to making the projects work.

You can read our founding documents here (in Swedish). An English copy is available upon request.

Please contact us on either the contact form or by sending an email to [email protected] if you require more information.

Mission statement

“The goal of our organization is to promote education in the community of Ramón Santana
and the surrounding areas, with a specific focus on English language acquisition, reading comprehension,
and the development of additional skills useful in the workforce. Our ultimate goal is the transfer of knowledge, skills,
and resources to the citizens of Ramón Santana that will enable them to be autonomous leaders of their own development”

Trustees of the board