Final Exams & Bailey

IIMG-20160520-WA0001 just finished my second last week of classes at my scIMG-20160520-WA0002hools. I ended up splitting their final exam into two different parts so that it wouldn’t be so much material to study for all at once . I gave the first exam and most of the students thought it went pretty well. I always allow them to ask me questions in the exams but they know I IMG-20160520-WA0007will not just give them the answers. I also went and picked up my friend Bailey who has come to meet me and travel with me once I am finished teaching.

Bailey and I stayed in Bávaro last weekend to enjoy the beach before heading back to the village. Bailey also brought a suitcase full of clothing donations from Canada. The funny part is, we ended up renting a room from a Dominican lady in Bávaro who had another bag full of clothing donations and said she would love to give it to us. We had to carry around Baileys backpack, the donation suitcase, a giant garbage bag full of donations and my weekend bag on 3 buses (guauguas) and 3 motorcycles to finally make it back to Guasa. Although it was such a pain to carry everything I told Bailey it would be worth it and it certainly was.On Tuesday we brought the donations to Campina.


We ended up lining all the men’s clothing on one side and woman’s clothing on the other. We had a great mix of sizes to choose from. They called each grade and let the students pick one piece of clothing. The smiles on everyone’s faces were great. There were even two suits in the donations, which was perfect because the grade 8 class will be graduating and wanted to have a formal event. Some of the grade 8 girls got dresses and two boys got the suits.

This coming week I plan on giving the last final exam and then a small goodbye party to say goodbye to all my students


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